November 1, 2017 / / Gambling

The Millennium Dome project could be facing a not-so-bright future following the controversy that the Deputy Prime Minister is now facing due to his meeting with Philip Anschutz, the Dome’s owner.

Blair’s second in command John Prescott has been in hot water because of the revelation of his vacation in the Colorado estate of the casino tycoon. The visit has been construed by many as a conflict of interest, and has placed Prescott in a compromising spot. Anschutz is a bidder for the license to operate Britain’s first super casino.

“John Prescott’s clumsy and ill-advised interventions have tainted Greenwich’s bid and my great fear is that they could actually damage our chances of winning. If we do win we want to win on the merits of the arguments,” Greenwich council’s opposition spokesman for culture Tory councilor Nigel Fletcher said.

The Dome is set to be transformed into the O2 and transformations are already taking place on the inside.

A spokesman from Anschutz’s company Anschutz Entertainment Group denied allegations that the company would retract the project if not picked by the Casino Advisory Panel by the year’s end.

He did confirm however, that the investment would be reduced, as phase two of the development, including a hotel and a theatre, are dependent on the casino.

However, he said: “We have bookings up to 2012, including the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships and the Olympics. We will announce soon the acts to appear from July 2007.”…

October 18, 2017 / / Gambling

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Senate gave final approval Monday to a gambling bill that has been a central issue of the legislative session.

The bill, approved 37-11, now goes to Gov. Tom Vilsack for his signature.

The governor is expected to sign the proposal, which would allow the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to expand casino gambling in the state, setting no limits on the number of licenses that could be approved.

“I feel very comfortable putting this back in the hands of the Racing and Gaming Commission,” said Sen. Mark Zieman, R-Postville, who managed the bill in the Senate. “All in all this a very fair, level-handed bill.”…

October 7, 2017 / / Gambling

Gambling opponents are ready for a long, hard fight.

The Legislature fired the first shot on Wednesday, voting 31-16 to put a casino gambling constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2 ballot. It needed at least 30 votes to pass.

“They just fed us to the lions, honey,” said Pat Loontjer, director of anti-gambling group Gambling With the Good Life. “It’s a very sad day for the state of Nebraska.”

Loontjer said she was ready to educate Nebraskans about what she believes are the negative effects of gambling. One lawmaker, Sen. Lowen Kruse of Omaha, returned a pledge to the group saying he would do anything he could in the effort to defeat expanded gambling on the ballot, Loontjer said.

The Legislature’s plan would allow for two casinos anywhere in the state. Where those would be would be worked out later, but many expect at least one to be in Omaha. Slot machines would not be allowed anywhere outside the casinos.

It also would allow the state’s four American Indian tribes to contract with the state.…

May 10, 2017 / / Gambling

Playing online casino games is not much different than playing sports games. important variables that determine whether you win or lose are part of the game and influence the resulting score. This includes fast play, endurance, stamina and competitiveness. To be aware of the important skills that help you play a good game in any online casino is vital if you want to improve you game to a better scale of level.

Here are a few examples of these qualities:

Awareness in the online casino world

Awareness is an important skill to master for every aspect of life, especially if this is online casino gambling. This is because when you focus on the game nothing is left unnoticed and you can expect to know which moves to make in the casino online games according to the situation on the board. Deciding this move is based on matters like player position, time of play and other important aspects of online casino games.

Psychological Advantage

Gaining that edge over you online casino opponent is crucial if you want to win prizes of any game. If you are a serious online casino gambler, spend the time assessing the psychological design of your opponent. Why are they playing? Is the opponent a hard egg to crack? Do they have concentration in the game? These and other factors all determine your psychological advantage in online casino arenas such as backgammon or craps.

Being Sharp and looking for an edge

Being sharp in online casino games means you make fast but smart moves every game you play. This is not something any player can instantly achieve but takes time to develop the skill and fast play that is required for this king of behavior. When playing against someone who is sharper at online casino games of various natures than you, this is not something you need to try to escape from. Sharper people can improve your sharpness and make you ultimately the better player.…

March 12, 2017 / / Gambling

A back-taxes charge in Indiana offset a healthy performance at Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino resort as Las Vegas-based Boyd Gaming Corp. posted a drop in first-quarter earnings on Thursday.

The company, which operates the Stardust, California, Fremont, Main Street Station and Sam’s Town among other properties in Southern Nevada, reported net earnings of $13.5 million, or 20 cents a share, compared with $16.4 million, or 25 cents a share, for the same period a year earlier.

Excluding the tax charge and preopening costs of the Borgata a year earlier, the company’s earnings per share were unchanged at 29 cents. Earnings were in line with analysts’ expectations.

The company reported revenue of $330 million for the quarter compared with $321.9 million for the same period in 2003.…